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Hello, welcome to the minecraft pe seeds site

1. "nyan"  This seed has an instant lava and monster spawner making life quite hard. After spawning, there is a cobblestone generator just around you and useful for making a house.
2. "but"  This seed is very good for those you are not very good at finding coal. Coal in this seed can be found almost everywhere. 
3. "21chicken"  This seed has huge overhangs and mountains. 
4. "flat land"  This seed has ice everywhere.
5. "bomb"  This seed has iron at spawn.
6. "newbiecool"  This seed has large land with floating pieces which is good for survival maps.
7. "hunter"  This seed has lots of water, some snow, big mountains, lots of coal, iron ores in mountains.


8.  ''life360''
9. ''jpgaming''
14. ''quittotitle''
15. ''nyan.3535''
16. ''miner''
17. ''virus

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